About Us : Executive team

We pledge to provide our retail customers with customized, targeted sales opportunities to maximize the potential sales of this vital category. It's this attention to detail that will make your store a predetermined destination for consumers seeking reading material.

Kathy Meier Vice-president Sales and Marketing, Jason Kieffer Chief Financial Officer, David S. Etter Chairman of the Board, Steven S. Etter President and CEO, Steven Becker Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Murphy Senior Vice President.

What Our Distribution Partners Are Saying:

“Curtis Circulation Company has always cherished and valued our long standing relationship with Harrisburg News Company. They have continued to grow their market share by offering "best in class" merchandising service to our mutual retail partners. During these challenging times, the individual customer service they are in position to provide is even more crucial for magazine sales at retail.”

— Dennis F. Porti
President & COO., Curtis Circulation Company