About Us: Green Initiatives

As an environmentally conscious company, Harrisburg News Company attempts to minimize the impact we have on our environment as much as possible. Our state of the art distribution facility includes a dedicated department which shreds, bails and transports unsold magazine, newspaper and paperback book product to recycling facilities. Full-copy hardcover, trade and children's book returns are returned to publishers at their request. Other environmental best practices include:

  • Recycling of plastic bottles, soda cans and other waste paper
  • Use of compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Recycling of cartridge toner
  • Opting for more fuel efficient vehicles at time of purchase

We continue to strive for more ways to be mindful of our environment by learning of new and innovative green business practices.

What Our Publishers Are Saying:

“Harrisburg News continues to prove that focusing on your customer really works in the magazine business.  Steve Etter and his entire team make sure that our magazines receive the very best opportunity to sell through innovation in areas like merchandising, consumer promotion and technology…” 

— Rich Jacobsen
President, Time Warner