The Harrisburg News Advantage

Our focus is on Service.

Our experienced marketing and merchandising team analyzes each store to draw up detailed marketing plans, and to set up cross-merchandising displays at key sales locations in each store. Our merchandisers stock and organize the magazines, books, and newspapers as often as necessary. As a regionalized company, our top management regularly visits customers to guarantee our best service.

At the Harrisburg News Company, we provide:

Magazine and book distribution service as often as needed. Clean, well-organized, neatly categorized magazine displays.
Regional, local, and national titles. Planograms based on store demographics and popularity.
Attention-grabbing custom magazine, newspaper, and book displays. Cross-merchandising sales plans throughout the store.
Seasonal magazine and book promotions that increase impulse sales. A dependable, local family-run organization.

What Our Publishers Are Saying:

“Harrisburg News continues to prove that focusing on your customer really works in the magazine business.  Steve Etter and his entire team make sure that our magazines receive the very best opportunity to sell through innovation in areas like merchandising, consumer promotion and technology…” 

— Rich Jacobsen
President, Time Warner