Services: OVERVIEW

We've been ranked #1 for service in our industry over the years because we deliver where other distribution companies fall short. We recognize the unique needs of each store, build strong relationships with our customers, and customize our service to achieve maximum sales.


We're the largest regionalized magazine distributor in the nation and we make sure consumers find the national, regional and local titles they're looking for. Learn More


Books = Increased Revenue. We supply a wide range of book titles and we create customized displays, promotional book signings, and in-store events to maintain a steady flow of additional revenue for your store. Learn More


Newspapers are one of the most perishable items in your store. Harrisburg News Company can guarantee timely delivery of over 50 national and regional newspapers. Learn More

Customized Services

We're more than a distributor. We custom design displays, marketing plans, in-store promotions and more to maximize your sales. We even follow through with detailed sales reports. Learn More


What Our Publishers Are Saying:

“Harrisburg News continues to prove that focusing on your customer really works in the magazine business.  Steve Etter and his entire team make sure that our magazines receive the very best opportunity to sell through innovation in areas like merchandising, consumer promotion and technology…” 

— Rich Jacobsen
President, Time Warner