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Harrisburg News Company. We've set the standard for customized regional service that is unparalleled in the wholesale book and periodical distribution industry.

Relationship-Driven Merchandising

225+ experienced merchandisers service our retail customer locations as often as needed to set up displays and keep them well-stocked and well-organized. They analyze retail locations and create formal marketing plans for specialty displays and cross-merchandising opportunities that maximize magazine, book, and newspaper sales potential.

Seasonal and Special promotions

Harrisburg News Company drives sales with colorful free-standing displays in high traffic areas to take advantage of peak seasonal sports and recreation.

We design and execute promotions to take full advantage of new book releases, such as book signings and tie-in displays of previously published titles. Being regionalized we deliver new magazine and book titles “first to market” in time for earliest release dates.

Formal Marketing Plans

Harrisburg News Company drives your sales with marketing plans designed to capture the attention of your consumers. We create fun and exciting sales displays throughout the store with seasonal and special promotions, cross-merchandising, and tie-in special events.


We’re experts at cross-merchandising. Our experienced merchandisers set up high visibility displays wherever needed: health and fitness magazines sell extremely well in wellness and pharmacy areas; magazines featuring holiday baking are a quick sell in the baking aisle.

Custom Racks and Fixtures

We design and build custom display racks for magazines, books, and newspapers where more of the cover is visible to capture consumer interest and maximize sales. Main line fixtures; special promotion displays; free standing spinners featuring the hottest titles—we make sure your magazines, books, and newspapers are highly visible, attractively displayed, and easy to shop.

Sales Reports

Harrisburg News Company backs up our merchandising promotions with follow-up sales reports. We track anticipated spikes in sales for promoted titles and also the effect on later issues. You know exactly how much sales revenue was generated by each seasonal or special promotion.

Family Reading Centers

Our Family Reading Centers are extremely popular with consumers and generate a steady stream of sales revenue. Beautiful, custom-designed shelving fixtures hold a broad selection of reading materials for the entire family.

Our success in the wholesale magazine, book, and newspaper distribution business speaks for itself. Call our Sales Department today. 1-800-676-NEWS (6397)

What Our Distribution Partners Are Saying:

“….a truly outstanding regionalized wholesaler of magazines.  Their strong market share in Pennsylvania, coupled with their dedication to timely delivery and outstanding service, makes them one of the best operations in our industry.  One look at Wegman’s magazine department confirms this.”

— Robert A. Castardi
Former President, Curtis Circulation Company