Harrisburg News Co. and Hudson News Distributors LLC. announce a "Joining of Forces"
We are extremely pleased to announce that effective June 30, 2014, Harrisburg News Company and Hudson News Distributors LLC will become one company.

The combined entity will provide distribution and merchandising services to over 16,000 customers throughout the entire Northeast and Mid Atlantic areas of the U.S.

The magazine distribution industry has faced unprecedented challenges over the past several years, making it more and more difficult for companies like Hudson and Harrisburg to operate profitably. The combination of these two companies will create significantly enhanced economies of scale, which are essential in order for us to survive, be able to pay our bills, and continue to provide superior service to our customers in this difficult and rapidly changing environment.

We are also pleased to announce that Steven Etter will continue on in his role as President of the Harrisburg News Division, and also become Vice Chairman of Hudson News Distributorsí Board of Directors. His life-long expertise in our industry and his excellent relationships with both our publisher suppliers and our retail customers are unparalleled in our industry, and we look forward to working together to help stabilize and improve our business.

We will, of course, be reaching out to you individually to discuss additional details in order to facilitate a successful and smooth transition.

Any remittance after June 29, 2014 please make payable to "Hudson News Distributors, LLC". Please continue to mail remittances and any correspondence to: Hudson News Distributors, LLC - Harrisburg News Division, P.O. Box 60307, Harrisburg, PA 17106-0307.
Harrisburg News continues to grow
Harrisburg News is proud to continue to be a leader in the wholesale magazine, newspaper, and book distribution business. In addition to growing our customer base, we continue to maintain our top notch service — the foundation which Harrisburg News Company was built on. We are proud to be one of the few remaining family owned and independent wholesale distributors. We look forward to continuing to service the needs of our customers and future customers for many years to come.
Distribution of Eco-Cigs announced
Harrisburg News Co. is excited to announce an agreement to become a distributor of Eco-Cigs, a nationally recognized manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes. This presents an opportunity for Harrisburg News to continue to diversify itís offerings to its existing customer base. "The electronic cigarette category is an exploding one that we are excited to become a part of. Itís nice to be able to bring our customers a product with a favorable Retailer margin and one that the public is really excited about!" stated Rob Friedman, VP of Strategic Development. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow this product line.
Partnership with Icon Eyewear announced
Harrisburg News is proud to announce the continued expansion of our merchandising services with the formation of a partnership with Icon Eyewear. To start we will be providing merchandising of sunglasses and eyeglasses for over 145 Weis Supermarket locations throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. With this added service we continue to improve the efficiency and productivity of our in store visits to our Retail partners.
Harrisburg News Company to service 16 former Genuardi locations
Strengthening its position in the Philadelphia metro market, Harrisburg News Company will in early 2012 start servicing 16 former Genuardi locations with Magazines and Books. The 16 locations were recently purchased by Giant Food stores of Carlisle, PA for which Harrisburg News Co. services another 150 + locations.
Harrisburg News Company to start servicing 2 additional stores at the Philadelphia International Airport
Increasing their footprint within the Philadelphia Airport, Harrisburg News Company was selected by both Paradies Shops and Stellar Partners, Inc. to service two locations formerly under the Borders flagship. Both stores are set to open fourth quarter of 2011.
Harrisburg News Co. announces first expansion of merchandising services
Harrisburg News Company is now partnering with Ingram entertainment as the provider of merchandising services for their DVD program at over 150 Ahold - Giant locations throughout Pennsylvania. "With our existing team of over 200 magazine and book merchandisers already in over 2,000 retail locations in Central Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, we have the unique ability to provide additional vendors with merchandising service at these very same stores", commented Rob Friedman, VP of Stategic Development.
Harrisburg News Company to service 63 additional Rite Aid stores in Pennsylvania
Harrisburg News Company has been selected to service an additional 63 Rite Aid stores in the Pennsylvania area. They now service over 250 Rite Aid locations with magazines, newspapers and paperback books.
Harrisburg News Starts Servicing CVS Pharmacy
Starting in February 2010 Harrisburg News Co. will start servicing 270 CVS Pharmacy stores in the Pennsylvania area. They will be supplying both magazines and paperback books to the CVS stores.
Harrisburg News has been awarded Paradies' "Best Service-Publications"
Harrisburg News once again has been awarded Paradies' "Best Service-Publications" Vendor of the Year Award for 2009. This is the second time HNC has been bestowed with this honor — they also received in 2006.
Harrisburg News has been awarded Paradies' "Best Service-Publications"
New York, NY (Dec. 1, 2009) — A joint newsstand promotion by Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) and wholesale distributor Harrisburg News led to a 15% rise in magazine category sales and a 25% lift in sales of nine titles that received special display support. Single copy sales increased by 70,000 incremental units and generated an additional $325,000 in consumer revenue. The promotion was held August 14 to September 5 in supermarkets Giant Carlisle, Weis, Wegmans, Darrenkamps and Bozzuto's (formally Mattsons) located primarily in Pennsylvania with locations extending into parts of New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. The nine titles with special display support included Cosmopolitan, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Glamour, InStyle , Men's Health, More, Oprah, People and People StyleWatch. The promotion offered customers a $2 discount off their next purchase when they bought two or more magazines in a single shopping trip. Marketing messaging for the campaign focused on the unique benefits of the magazine reading experience, with the theme "Magazines Put the World in Your Hands." The offer was successfully communicated in-store via a nine-pocket display as well as shelf flags that were placed near participating titles at mainline and checkout. Spearheaded by MPA, this promotion was notable because it involved the entire magazine category, including hundreds of titles across all subject categories. Funding for the effort was provided by MPA and a consortium of leading publishers, including Conde Nast Publications, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corporation, The Reader's Digest Association, Rodale Inc. and Time Inc. Planning for the program involved all four national distributors Ė Comag Marketing Group, Curtis Circulation Company, Kable Distribution Services and Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing- as well as Distribution Services (DSI) and the wholesale distributor, Harrisburg News Company. "In addition to increasing magazine sales, our principal goal was to create excitement around the category. Based on the enthusiasm shown by our retailers, this program generated that excitement," commented Steven Etter, president/CEO of Harrisburg News, which coordinated the program. "The positive results can serve as a catalyst for promotions going forward." "This publisher-funded promotion brought additional attention to the magazine category at retail, and enhanced the revenue and profitability of single copy magazine sales for retailers and all of our channel partners," said Ken Godshall, Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing, MPA. Harrisburg News Company distributes magazine, book and newspaper distribution to over 2,000 retail store locations in Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) is the industry association for consumer magazines. Established in 1919, the MPA represents approximately 225 domestic publishing companies with more than 1,000 titles, nearly 50 international companies and more than 100 associate members. Staffed by magazine industry specialists, the MPA is headquartered in New York City, with an office of government affairs in Washington, DC.

What Our Retail Partners Are Saying:

“If you want a company that’s going to customize the delivery and the daily service, and is going to increase your sales and profits, you want a company like Harrisburg News….we’ve never changed to a larger company because of the individualized, customized service that they provide. ”

— Allan Noddle
Former CEO, Giant Food Stores, LLC